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09/06/21 Labor Day; Work (wrong) begins at Astra Zeneca;  Listening Project Report; Extend Safety Task Force; Eduardo Retrospecitve; Blue Lives Discussion  
08/15/21 Housing Action Team; RPA Listening Project; Claudia Retrospective Video;  BAAQMD; Fireworks
07/22/21 Public Safety for All; CityBudget; Video on Reimagining Year in Richmond
06/16/21 Police Layoffs Not Happening; Beyond Policing; Global Anti-Chevron Day; DTSC Action 
05/06/21 RPA Leadership; Building Community Power; Stimulus Money; Anti-Chevron Demonstration; Rainbow Pride 
04/05/21 New Steering Committee Members;Eviction Protection;  Healthy California  
03/01/21 Support Our Unhoused; No Housing on Toxic Dump;  Planning for Just Transition; Street Sweeping
02/23/21 Safe RV Parking; Membership meeting; Steering Committee Elections  
297 10/25/20 Special Interests maxing contributions; Mayor's racist candidacy proposal tabled; The RPA on the record  
296 10/18/20 Mayor's Jim Crow proposal to limit candidates; More big election money; Women in Politics for Claudia.
295 10/11/20 More cash rolling into election; Spotting "astroturf" groups; Mud in Campaign; Record on development
294 10/5/20 Big Spenders in Richmond Elections backing Thompson, Anderson, and Pimple; How to track; Voting Tips
293 9/21/20 Voters Guide: Whats at Stake? Candidate Endorsements; State Ballot Measures; Measure U
292 8/30/20 Back to School; Education and Equity; Charter $ in Board Elections; Candidates in School Board Districts
291 8/16/20 Transit; Safe for All; Free; Jovanka Beckles for AC Transit; Electric Chargers; Bike Sharing; School Boards
290 8/2/20 Police Justice in Contra Costa, SanQuenton, Richmond;Why New Business Tax; Chevron and BLM
289 6/29/20 Public Safety: RPA Statement, Trust People; Cut from the Top; Alternate Ways: Cahoots, others
288 6/15/20 Team Richmond 2020; District Elections; Jimenez, Mclaughlin, Willis; Budget Gap; Defund Police
287 5/31/20 Richmond Budget Crisis; No Layoffs or Service Cuts; Start at the Top; Unions' Proposal
286 5/10/20 Activism Can't Stop; Adapting Tactics; Our Power Coalition Program; Cuba Collaboration;Council Support
285 4/11/20 Corona Virus Action: Stress Test, Leadershhip; Resources; Real Help for Homeowners, Renters
284 3/15/20 Corona Virus: Corporate Bailouts, Health Workers, Eviction Protection;Threat to No-Coal Ordinance
283 2/14/20 Voter Guide for March election; Sanders; Yes on 13,R,J; District Elections Workshop; Healthcare Movie
282 1/28/20 Green New Deal; Just Transition; Cities Plan for GND; LaForce and EBRPD Board Update
281 11/27/19 No Coal in Richmond! Ordinance before Council; Business Case; Building Trades; Butt Framing
280 11/19/19 Deep Democracy; Drawing Political Maps; Participatory Budgeting; Co-governance; Getting All Counted
279 11/3/19 District Elections; Why So Quick; What Next; Pros and Cons; Drawing Boundaries and Gerrymandering
278 10/14/19 Zeneca Clean up; Council does U-Turn; Environmental Racism; Butt's excuses; Regulatory Capture
277 9/29/19 Sheriff Accountability: Deadly Jails; TRUTH Act Forum; AB1155 Killed; Too Many Bad Cops
276 9/9/19 Climate Justice Edition: GlobalStrikes; Decision 2020; Gude to Climate Policies; Pt Molate in Court
275 8/18/19 Health Equity: After Closing Doctors Hospital; Health in All Policies approach; Public Option?
274 7/28/19 Homelessness Edition: Homelessness up 43%; BART; Resources; Partial Solutions; Daniel Barth
273 7/7/19 Immigration Edition: Immigration Justice; No Vigilant Contract; Legal Observer Training; Stop ICE
272 6/24/19 Commission Appointment Dispute; Vigilant and ICE; Lease to Charter School;No-Coal,Festivals
271 6/9/19 Economic Developent Edition; Extractive to Regenerative, RCDC; Diane Wear Econ .Devel. Com
270 5/19/19 Commons Edition: Why Protect Pt Molate; Protect Bay; Charter Schools; Public Banking; Singel Payer
269 5/6/19 Union Yes Edition: City Worker Contract; But blocks Functioning Police Commssion; NUHW/Kaiser; CPA
268 4/15/19 Criminal Justice Edition: Police Commission; Shooting; Documents; Use of Force; Livingston must go
267 3/31/19 Environmental Edition: Coal Outa Richmond; Chevron Flaring; Phillips 66 Expansion; Community Health; GND
266 3/17/19 Housing Edition: RPA Housing Agenda; Bills in Sacto; Youth Convening; Pt Molate; Randy Shaw
265 2/24/19 Education Edition: Oakland Teachers strike; Billionaires; Stopping Charters
264 2/10/19 WCCUSD takes on Charter Issue; Coal Out of Richmond;Our Revolution;Venezuela
263 1/21/19 Pt Molate Jewel; NoCoal in Richmond; Teachers Stand for Students; Martinez Interview; Ca. Prog. Alliance
262 12/3/18 Kaiser Mental Health Workers Strike;RPA Winter Meeting; In Case You Missed It
261 11/12/18 Unofficial Election Results;Tidy Up; ACCE Office Arson;Richmond Pow-Wow
260   No issue
259 10/29/18 Bernie Endorses Jovanka; Richmond Progress; Richmond Sun; Voter Guide
258 10/21/18 Bernie-Barbara-Jovanka Rally; Bang Nguyen; Winter Party
257 10/14/18 Candidate Forums; Billlionaires for Buffy; Prop 10;Measure H; Maps for WCCUSD Districts
256 10/7/18 RPA Endorses Taboada,Lara,Kronenberg for School Board; Voter Giuide;Holding Sheriff to Account
255 10/1/18 Mayor's Refuses to Rdappoint Langlois; Pt Molate Voe Pulled; Housing Justice; Marilyn Albert; No Coal
254 9/23/18 Mayor: Not to Langlois; Public Vote on Pt Molate; Green the Church
253 9/18/18 East Bay Public Bank; Housing Discrimination; Pt Molate Court Victory; Rocketship Loses in Sacto
252 9/2/18 Najari Charges Dropped;No Tar Sands;Cliame March;Inequality Workshop;New Generation of Leaders
251 8/26/18 Bioard and Commission Training; No Coal; Climate March;After Ice Out of West County Jail
250 7/8/18 Heritage Seniors Stop Eviction;Clean Air;Zeneca Site Cleanup;No to Trump's Zero Tolerance
249 6/17/18 Becton Wins; Jovanka vs Wicks; Gayle's Campaign results;E&K Pass; No Soda Tax Allowed
248 6/1/18 Big RPA Canvas;Voting Day;Rainbow Pride; Covered Coal Ordinance; Berkeley Shellmound
247 5/20/18 June 5 Voter Guide; Measures E&K; Republic Service; Richmond Votes to Deport ICE; 15 AD Race Flush
246 04/30/18 People's Assembly; Hopusing Action Team Presents at Council; Update Sanctuary City; Pt Molate
245 04/15/18 Rocketship Grounded; Freedom for Immigrants; Phillips 66; Point Molate Settlement; Against Prop 70
244 04/02/18 RPA endorses Willis, Martinez, Recinos; New RPA Stering Committee; Affordable Housing
243 03/19/18 Ohlone Sacred Site; Gayle's Book, Reform Prop 13; March for Our Lives
242 03/05/18 Deportation Hotline; West Contra Costa Landfill Stinks, Black Womenand Women's History
241 02/18/18 Moratorium on School Building; Janus Case, Coal, Kids First, Repeal Costa-Hawkins, Elections
240 02/05/18 Rocketship Rejected; Mayor's abuse; Richard Boyd Presente; Resist Offshore Drilling; Housing Strategy
239 01/07/18 Steering Committee Nominations; Good Jobs; No to Rocketship; Affordable Housing
238 12/17/17 Willis for Mayor; Council on Impact of Charters; Stop Rocketship; Cooperation Richmond
237 12/03/17 Richmond Coal Terminal; McLaughlin petition campaign; Punishment Should End with Time-Served
236 11/18/17 700 Say No to Rocket Ship; ICE detainees; Progressives Win Big; Repeal Costa Hawkins
235 11/05/17 Kaiser Nurses For Safer Care; Toxic Coal Dust;Landfil Problems Continue; Valley Vista Families; AD15
234 10/22/17 Council Invites N. Richmond; Jovanka Richmond Kick-off; Stinky Compost; Toxic Tour
233 10/9/17 LGBT Film Festival; Immigrant Tennants Protection; Mayor's Abuse of Power; Jon Gilgoff staff for RPA;
232 9/18/17 Recinos Chosen; Diana Becton Apponted DA; BAAQMD meeting; RPA Video; Charter School Primer
231 9/4/17 RPA endorses Langlois, Recinos, Garcia; Supes to pick DA; Peter Chau; Cap&Trade; Honor Bobby Bowen
230 8/20/17 Membership Mtg on Council Replacement; Maximo Rivera Presente; Phillips 66; Against Hate
229 8/05/17 RPA backs UTR on Charters; Preserve Prison Reforms; Conversation with Ada Recinos; Gayle Force
228 7/16/17 Skinner and Big Oil; New Rent Board ED; CC DA?; Our Power Festival; Mime Troupe
227 7/03/17 Gayle Leaves Council; RPA Discusses Endorsements; Sups Expand Jail; Goodbye DA Peterson
226 6/19/17 No to Jail Expansion; Gayle for Lt. Gov; Jovanka for 15AD; Rent Board Progress; Minimum Wage to $15
225 6/04/17 Single Payer Passes Senate; New Charter School; Refinery Caps; Special Investigator for Perez Death
224 5/17/17 Landlords Drop Lawsuit; Refinery CAps; Jovanka for Assembly; Services Not Cells; "Willful Defiance"
223 5/1/17 Single Payer Advances; East Bay Progressive Mtg; Adult School Fights Eviction; A New RPA Website
222 4/16/17 Richmond McDonalds workers; Public Schools; Healthy California; Know Rights; Cinco de Mayo.
221 4/2/17 Become a Substitute Teacher; Ceasefire Town Hall; Know Immigration Rights; Our Power Bike Rides
220 3/22/17 Rent Board Appointed, Single Payer in CA, Stand up to Trump, New RPA SC, Other Progressive Alliances
219 2/15/17 RPA SC Election, CCISCO building resistance, Sisters in Solidarity, RYSE Love and Rage, ACCE
218 1/30/17 Massive Women's March; Protecting Immigrant Neighbors, Support Teachers , CNA. RPA SC
217 1/08/17 Measure L In Effect--what is happening; MLK Day; Book Lauch; Nominations for RPA Steering Com. Open
216 12/18/16 Nominations for RPA Steering Com. Open; CCC Racial Justice Coalition; Marion Fay; San Antonio Alliance
215 12/05/16 Community Counters Hate, Immigration Action Team; BAAQMD Must Adopt Refinery Cap; Standing Rock
214 11/21/16 A Progressive Majority; What is next for Rent Control/Just Cause; Protect Residents; Chevron Way
213 11/4/16 RPA Voter Guide, Moratorium on Juvenile Fees and Fines in Contro Costa; Javeeta Gregory
212 10/31/16 Help getout the vote, Rules for sigh nplanting; Diana Wear
211 10/27/16 Securing a Progressive Victory; Abebe Mesfin; RPA Membership Meeting November 12
210 10/23/16 Local Heroes; EB Express endorses; Yes On M; Record on Rogers; RPA Voter Guide; Micheael Beer
209 10/16/16 Bernie Backs Ben and Melvin; October Sun; Myths About RPA; RPA Voter Guide
208 10/9/16 Danny Glover Endorses; Corporate Free City Council; Marion Faye presente!; RPA Voter Guide
207 10/5/16 RPA Voter Guide; County Workers Strike Concludes; National Renters Day of Action
206 9/17/16 Moratorium goes down; Tenants' Rights Workshop, Melvin's video statement, Pt Molate open process
205 9/15/16 "just like that, homeless" RPA Steering Committee on Council Failure to Act
204 9/11/16 Council Meeting on Moratorium; Misleading Info on Evictions; School Board stops Adams Sale
203 9/5/16 StopEvictions at Creekview; Sanders' Our Revolution" endorses Team Richmond; Rent Control is not Subsidy
202 8/16/16 Salute Eviction; Yes on L for Rent Control and Just Cause; Thousands of Rosies; How to Help
201 8/5/16 Fight for Choi, Willis, Rent Control; Iron Heel Performance; Marcos Banales; Citizens United
200 8/2/16 RPA Endorses Melvin Willis;
Team Richmond 2016: Ben Choi and Melvin Willis
199 7/2/16 Caps on Refinery Emissions; Opening New Office 2540 Macdonald; Point Molate; Healing Walk
198 6/8/16 No on Adams Sale; Adult Education;Free Citizenship Workshop; Juneteenth; Powwow
197 6/3/16 RPA Recommends Bernie; NO on N&O; New RPA Office;FAR Petition Success
196 5/25/16 Public Education; FAR Delivers; Ben Choi Background; Chevron's Primary Candidate
195 5/9/16 "Battle over Sale of Adams; FAR Campaign; Jovanka and What Matters
194 5/3/16 April RPA SC open, endorses Sanders; Why Just Cause for children; Claudia Jimenez featured in Pulse
193 4/15/16 Ben Choi for Richmond 2016; Moyers Revisits Richmond; Events
192 4/3/16 RPA Meeting Endorses Ben Choi for Richmond City Council 2016
191 3/30/16 Candidate Endorsement; Canvassing; Beware Petition; Valley View; Spare Air Mtg; Bates for Mayor Movie
190 3/13/16 Fair-Affordable Kick-off; RPA Membership to consider endorsements; Behind Attacks on RPA
189 3/1/16 Rent Control Petition Filed; Sisters in Solidarity; Free Solar; Respect RPA; Bernie Demos
188 2/17/16 Police Review; Benicia No to Valero; Sanders Organzing; Refugees Welcome, Moore Movie
187 2/9/16 Police Commission items move forward; Answer to Tom Butt on Police Issues
186 1/31/16 Council to take up Independent Police Commission, Rent Control, Crude by Rail, "Against Hate"
185 1/10/16 Police Commission and Pedie Perez, New RPA Steering Committee, MLK, Terminal One, Budget
184 12/28/15 Love Splashed at the Mosque, RPA Steering Committee Election at Members Meeting
183 12/14/15 $11.52/hr Minimum in Richmond in New Year, RPA talked politics & partied; Election coming 1/9
182 12/2/15 Rent Control, SC Election, Berkeley Global Campus, BAAQMD, Teachers Rally
181 11/18/15 Climate Mobilization, United Teachers, Greenway Work Party
180 11/3/15 Midway, Unity Park, Local Heroes, Against Hate, Chevron Machinations
179 10/18/15 Housing Action Team, Tarnel Abbott, Soda Tax Campaigns
178 10/1/15 Steering Committee Nominees, Striking Nurses, Cleaner Air, Reentry Success Center
177 9/16/15 Bylaws, Nominating, BAAQMD, Health4All, Hedges McLaughlin & Sawant, Perez Case
176 9/1/15 Rent Control Petition, New RPA, Soil Not Oil
175 8/16/15 Our Power, Proposed Bylaws, Jail Expansion, Climate Action Plan, Ceasefire
174 8/7/15 Rent Control Adopted, Fighting Big Money, Climate Action Plan, Our Power, Chevron Vigil
173 7/24/15 Rent Control, Mime Troupe, Randy Shaw, Refinery Task Force, Single Payer, Our Power
172 7/16/15 Fair Rent, Jail Expansion, Richmond Ceasefire, Chevron's FTZ, Power Festival
171 7/2/15 Exacerbating the Divide, Measure U, Pedie Perez
170 6/26/15 Chevron Tax Breaks, Just Cause, Measure U Funds
169 6/12/15 RPA Picnic, Against Hate, Gloria Rolando, Unity Park, Pedie Perez, Rent Control
168 5/18/15 Housing Action, Lauryn Grayson, Coal Trains, Chevron Shareholders Petition, Rent Control
167 5/7/15 Juvenile Detention, Unity Park, Pt. Molate Docents, Richmond Standard Lies, DMC Petition
166 4/21/15 Pedie Perez, Richmond Sun, Rent Control, DMC Closed, UC's Global Campus, Soil not Oil
165 4/8/15 Whither the RPA, Against Hate, Who Killed DMC, Future of Rail, District Elections
164 3/25/15 Prop 13, BAAQMD, Social Justice Workshop, Robin Hood Tax Bill, Railroading Future
163 3/14/15 BAAQMD Emissions Rules, People-Powered Forum, Police Retraining
162 2/27/15 Membership Meeting Preview, BAAQMD Emissions rules, Richmond Whistleblower
161 2/14/15 RPA & City Council Vacancy, SF Chronicle Non-Facts, Striking Steelworkers
160 2/8/15 Marilyn for Council, Membership Meetings, Striking Steelworkers, City Borrowing, Privacy Laws
159 1/27/15 Membership Meeting, Real Climate Leadership, Crude by Rail, Building Strength Gala
158 1/6/15 Party Politics, Striking Mental Health Workers, Climate Leadership, Citizens United
157 12/28/14 Council Swearing-In, Membership Meeting, Bias for Charters, Cuba, Food Policy Council
156 12/13/14 Vacant Council Seat, Council Agenda, Refinery Emission Reductions
155 12/4/14 Bhopal, DMC, Walmart, Crude-by-Rail, Refinery Safety Forum
154 11/24/14 Victory Party, LGBTQ Filmmaking, Walmart Black Friday, Supe's Raise Petition, Holiday Festival
153 11/10/14 Team Richmond Sweeps, Thanks from Councilmembers-Elect, Why Progressives Won
152 11/4/14 Slate Card Review
151 10/28/14 Team Richmond Signs, Richmond Sun #2, Healthy Communities, Andrew Young, Rachel Maddow
150 10/18/14 Bernie Sanders Town Meeting, Rallying Call, Yellow Brick Road, Richmond Poets, Signs for the Times
149 10/10/14 Canvassing, Richmond Sun, Bernie Sanders
148 10/2/14 Shoreline Festival, Canvass & Call, Billboards, Poets Laureate, Cartoons, The New Black
147 9/21/14 Yard Signs, Social Media Help, Richmond Rising III, Resources & Media, Fundraisers
146 9/7/14 RPA Renewal Meeting, DMCLifeline, Wily Chevron, More Crude by Rail
145 8/20/14 Annual Night Walk, Richmond Rising, Bright Futures, SB 1124
144 8/8/14 Mike Parker Withdrawal Statement
143 8/5/14 8/6 Vigil - 2 Years Today, Our Power Day of Action, Richmond Rising
142 7/27/14 Last chance for community pressure before Council decides, March for DMC
141 7/18/14 Council Hearing on Chevron Choices, New Endorsements for Team Richmond, DMC Rally, Richmond-Regla Friendship Film
140 7/8/14 Planning Commission Hearings on Chevron, Meeting to fight JROTC, Connect Dots Finale, Jovanka's Juneteenth Freedom Train
139 6/26/14 AG OKs New Alternative for Chevron, 6/28 Juneteenth here, Action for DMC
138 6/9/14 CA AG says revise EIR, Council Joins Chevron's rush, No JROTC, Comedy, Community Forum
137 5/16/14 Iron Heel, Anti Chevron Actions, DMC Town Hall, CBA Meeting
136 5/5/14 Chevron's Rush, Save DMC, Minimum Wage, RBC Forum
135 4/23/14 Responses to Chevron DEIR, Iron Heel Benefit, Protect People Power
134 3/31/14 Oil Trains, Mitchell Memo Rescinded, Chevron EIR Info, Homelessness Conference
133 3/24/14 Chevron EIR, Minimum Wage, Applause, Oil Trains, LED Signs
132 3/11/14 Solving the Public Housing Problems
131 3/5/14 Oil Bombs Rolling Through Richmond, Minimum Wage
130 2/17/14 Public Housing, Chevron Sues Cartoonist, Team Richmond, Principal Reduction Video
129 1/21/14 Chevron Branding Education, King on Economic Justice, Mitchell and "Maximum", Activist Spanish
128 1/6/14 CSB Report, Pittsburg March, Realtor Propaganda, Q&A on Mortgage Program
127 12/13/13 Cares Program Answers, Chevron Praise/Elections, Mandela, Pope Francis, Ohio Labor Independents
126 11/18/13 Chevron Tax Deal, Cares Housing Program, Shoreline Radiation, Booze Conflict of Interest, Seattle Council
125 11/3/13 Mayor Answers Critics, Chevron in Ecuador, Mexico Passes Soda Tax, La Voz
124 10/29/13 RPA Membership, Bill Moyers Report, American Wayn of Housing
123 10/5/13 BlackRock Demo, Congressman Miller, Bart Strike, Melvin Willis Wins Award
122 10/5/13 Rights for City Employee, Chevron Tax Settlement, 5-2 for Respect, BART. Mexico Soda Tax
121 9/27/13 Training on Blight Program, Mayor's Trip to Ecuador, Chevron Calling, BART Workers
120 9/8/13 Issues in Anti-Blight Plan, Phil Lawson, Banks Face Suits, Richmond Pride Advocacy
119 8/26/13 Mayor Explains Anti-Blight Plan, Banks/Realtors Attack, 1963 Washington March, SB-54
118 8/6/13 Bobby Bowens Celebrated, Beckles-Butt on Fox, National Attn to Anti-Blight plan, Med. Marijuana
117 8/6/13 Bobby Bowens Center, Chevron Criminal, Santa Fe Neighborhood, New Tactic Against Foreclosure, City files Suit, Painful Not Dysfunctional
116 7/28/13 Refinery Dangerous, Climate Demo Aug 3, Chaos as Strategy, Cease Fire, BART, Bobby Bowens
115 7/21/13 La Voz, Hundreds of Millions, Ban The Box, HRHR and Hate Speech, Mime Troupe Oil and Water,
114 7/13/13 Costs of Chevron Fire, Honoring Pride Week, Stopping Hate Speech, City Role in Chevron Safety
113 6/30/13 Beckles on Voting Rights and Marriage, Chevron Pride, BART strike, Ban the Box, Oppose AB-26
112 6/24/13 Bobby Bowens Spoken Word Contest, Council Chevron Legal Strategy, LGBT Pride Month
111 6/7/13 Good Neighbor, Chevron FAQ, Stop AB26 Giveaway, Tar Sands , Eminent Domain on Foreclosure, More Council Parlimentary Procedure, Te's Harmony
110 5/26/13 Chevron Law Suit Strategy, Bobby Bowens Spoken Word Contest, Promise Scholarship Proposal, Council Supports Prop 13 Reform
109 5/13/13 Chevron Workers and Safety, ACCE HOnors Mayor, Council Implements CSB Proposals, Global Warming, Parlimentary Procedure at Council
108 5/4/13 Implement CSB Recommendations; Global Warming and Divest Movement; Doria Roboinson and Urban Tilth; Art Critics, ACCE Honors Mayor
107 4/9/13 Chevron Operation is Dangerous, City Integrity, City HR Policy on 'Volunteering," Saffron Strand, Nat Bates "hogwash" Climate Warming
106 3/21/13 Must Remove HR Head, Call Center, Booze Denies Charges, How Unequal, Nation Video Cap&Trade
105 3/5/13 Chevron Fire Community Meetingm Dolores Herta at Sisters in Solidarity, Global Warming Math
104 2/19/13 On Richmond Slogan, Eduardo Martinez:Best for the City, State of City, Paul Robeson
103 2/5/13 Myrick Appointed, Te's Harmony, Video:Stopping Jail Expansion
102 1/31/13 Honoring MLK, Chevron Willful Violations, Council Vacancy, MLK Day on Greenway
101 1/17/13 Citizens United Demo, MLK Day of Service, Canet Exhibition, Council Vacancy Support Eduardo
100 1/8/13 Renters, Chevron Rebuild, Council Vacancy, Canet Exhibit, San Quentin-Richmond Project , MLK Day
99 1/3/13 Gary Bell Unable to Take Office
98 12/9/12 People Not Prison Victory in Martinez
97 11/26/12 Council Backs Safety at Chevron, Ban the Box, Walmart, Final Push in Martinez
96 11/11/12 Chevron Thumbs Nose, RPA Statement on Elections, Gary Bell Hospitalized
95 11/4/12 Study Supports Soda Tax, RPA Election Recommendations
94 11/1/12 Chevron Polutes Politcs, Bell Covers for Chevron, Bates and Council Chaos
93 10/30/12 Tom Butt endorses Marilyn and Eduardo, Betty Reid Soskin, Bike Caravan, Signs Down
92 10/25/12 Bates Encourages Wassberg, Gary Bell Continued, Infant Formula
91 10/23/12 Is Gary Bell "Independent", Soda and African Americans, Community Meeting on Soda Tax
90 10/15/12 RPA Ballot Recommendations, Marilyn Responds to Hit Pieces, Tom Butt's Views on Council's Progress
89 10/8/12 Chevron's $1.2 million for Candidates, Corbin, Eduardo Respond to Hit Pieces, Chevron Hardball
88 10/2/12 Chevron Fights Tax Again, Hit Piece on Marilyn, Chevron's Candidates, RPA statement on 9/27
87 9/20/12 Soda Tax Arguments, No Jail Expansion, Community Compensation, Parent Choice
86 9/4/12 No to New Jails, Glover Yes on Soda Tax, Tax Money to GO?, BS Money, Roberson Endorsers?
85 8/21/12 Chevron Backs Bates, RPA on Community Benefits, Bobby Bowens, Bernstine Yes on Soda Tax, 30/32
84 8/15/12 Bobby Bowens, Presente!, Ramsey Endorses Sugary Drink Tax, Chevron, Richmond in National News
83 8/7/12 RPA Statement on Chevron Fire, Support Chief Magnus in Battle over Jail Policy
82 8/5/12 BAPAC Attacks Beckles, RPA; Beckles Answers, Dotson Endorses, Healthcare,People-Not Prison
81 7/31/12 Heal Richmond, Invest in People--Not Prisons
80 7/28/12 B-MOER Supports Sugar Tax, Millionaires and Power-Grab on State Ballot, Council Runs Smoothly
79 7/7/12 Stop Jail Expansion, Sinking Red Oak Victory, Wal-Mart in Richmond?, Asking for Money
78 6/23/12 Sugar Independence Day, Assisting LGBT Youth at Council, Real Regressive Taxes
77 6/11/12 Juneteenth; National Coverage on Richmond Sugarr Drink Tax;LGBT at Council; Good about Richmond
76 5/28/12 Hate Mars Pride Proclamation, Voters to Decide and FAQ on Sugary Drinks, Homelessness
75 5/14/12 Healthy Kids, Electricity Choice, Campaign Contributions, Yes on K, Ride of Silence
74 4/27/12 Jeff passes Mic, Endorses Marilyn &Eduardo, Municipal ID Final Step, Adult Ed, Chevron profits
73 4/19/12 General Plan Debate, Chevron Attacks Again, Camapign Kick-off, Ryse: Be a Kid
72 4/16/12 Marilyn Langlois Joins Council Race, Kick-off for Eduardo and Marilyn Sunday 4/22
71 4/8/12 Hoodie, Chaos in Council-Who?, Syn-Bio, Campaign Kick-off Celebration, Silly Parade, Occupy Earth
70 4/2/12 Chevron Loses Tax Appeal, Why? Sugar
69 3/15/12 End of Millionaires Tax, Heist and Directory in Richmond 3/23, Heckathorn Superfund Site
68 3/08/12 Int. Womens Say, Polls: Millionaires Tax Wins, MT endorsements, Another Casino? Attacks on RPA
67 2/23/12 March for Education, Millionaires Tax Tools, Oacific Steel Workers, Black History, Rockets, Chevron PR
66 2/14/12 Chief Magnus Trial, Millionaires Tax Petitions, Adult Education, Paul Robeson, Legal Eats
65 1/27/12 LBNL Chooses Richmond, Is Refinery Safe, Contest on Millionaires Tax Message, General Plan Issues
64 1/17/12 North Shorline continued; MLK Film/Discussion; Occupy Wall St. West; Millionaires Tax
63 12/5/11 Stopping Chevron Tax Grab, Chevron-Man tells his side, Bullying with Lawyers
62 11/7/11 Occupy Richmond,Chevron's Generosity, Chevron Math, Heist The Film, Act for LBNL
61 10/30/11 Occupy Changes Discussion, Inequality Stats, Nuclear Free March, Haiti, Chevron Giving
60 10/9/11 Good Neighbor Chevron and Property Tax Refunds, Proposals on Zeneca Clean-up, Spokes Open
59 9/19/11 Fred Jackson Speaks, Sings, In Memorium, Co-ops Corporate Money Comments, CeaseFire, Reich
58 9/6/11 Corporate Money in Richmond Poltics, Ceasefire, Help Viloence Victims, SAFE Fills Auditorium,
57 8/22/11 What's Wrong with Cap & Trade, Safe Fields Coaltion, Crop Swap
56 8/8/11 Saffron Strand Approach to Homelessness, Pollution Trading, Chevron's Profits
55 7/16/11 LBNL Big Event, N. Richmond Blight Tour, Black-Brown Building Bridges, Council Unanimous on IDs
54 7/02/11 North Shoreline Postponed Again, Next Step for IDs, LBNL, Mime Troupe, Unions, Postcards
53 6/11/11 First Step for Municipal IDs, D Tax Fails, Shoreline Issue Postponed, EJ on SA, Co-ops, Pow-Wow
52 5/31/11 Municipal IDs, Shoreline Development, Yes on C&D, Arts and Sustainability, Adult Educ, Urban Ag
51 5/13/11 Yes on C&D, Chevron Action 5/25, Oil Gouging, Urban Ag, Co-ops, Single-Payer, Sacto Tax Protest
50 4/27/11 Attack on CEQA, People's Budget, Homelessness, USA #1, Youth Artists Win, Stand with Teachers
49 4/15/11 Fair Taxes, SAFE Fields, Honor Chavez, Respect Immigrants, Gioia Office Protest, Day Laborers
48 4/10/11 Casino Finale, Labor Rights Actions, Municipal IDs, Urban Tilth, Water Rates, CBE Truthgrounding
47 3/30/11 Casino Decision Day, Solidarity Day Action, Silly Parade, Sisters in Solidarity, Healthcare, Ritterman
46 3/18/11 Fighting Foreclosures, Casine Day 4/5, Council Supports Wisconsin,Action 4/4, Japan, Silly Parade
45 3/8/11 Molate EIR passes midst confusion--Not Casino Vote; IWD, Casino Issue on KQED, Economy
44 2/27/11 Casino Process, Corporate Personhood, Adult Education Cuts, Reich: On the "Cuts" debate
43 2/12/11 Fred Jackson, Richmond Black History, Egypt, RPA Welcomes LBNL, IDs, Crude Switch, State of City
42 1/29/11 Green Campus / Green Jobs, Green Resources, IDs, Athletic Fields, Renter Rights, Haiti, Arizona
41 1/3/11 Inauguration, Foreclosures, Taxes, Chevron in Ecuador, MLK Day of Service, Bone Marrow
40 11/27/10 RPA Committees, Ritterman: Siege, Honoring Fred Jackson, Chevron Humor
39 11/4/10 Election Results: Richmond Moves Forward, Statements by Gayle, Jovanka, and Eduardo
38 11/1/10 Religous Community Speaks out, Native Plant Society differs, CC Times Endorsements
37 10/25/10 7 Days to Make a Difference, Chevron's $1 MIl, Express Endorsement, More Lies, Card Clubs
36 10/17/10 Truth Vs. Lies and Smears, Petition to End Lies, Viramontes Wants It Both Ways, Good News
35 10/12/10 Silent Partners, Viramontes Support, Chevron Involvement, Chevron Loses on Exemption, Playlot
34 10/5/10 Attack on Gayle, Gayle's Response, Nat Neglects Truth, Mondragon Co-op Report
33 9/25/10 Real Leadership, Wrong-Way Bates, No-Way Z, Both-Ways V, Richmond
32 9/17/10 Jobs and Bogus Politics, More on Jobs, Co-ops, Ritterman
31 8/24/10 Chevron End Run on Pollution, Ritterman, Obama, Mime Troupe
30 8/8/10 Pt. Molate Sham Hearing, KTVU Police Report, Property Taxes and Role of Banks,
29 7/30/10 Walmart, Support Chief Magnus, Parchester Community Policing, Campaign Talk
28 7/18/10 Casino Vote? Medical Marijuana, New Oil Initiative Trick, Chevron Project Restart?
27 7/8/10 RPA endorses Eduardo, Eaarth, Bike Trail, Big Oil Teach-in
26 6/24/10 Saturday Precinct Walks, Challenging Council on Casino Process, Pow-Wow
25 6/17/10 Juneteenth, Report from Chevron Stockholders Mtg, Beginning the Campaign
24 6/7/10 June Ballot Recommendations, Lessons of BP
23 5/25/10 Election Mobilization, Chevron Settlement, Bikers and Walkers, June Ballot Recommendations
22 5/16/10 Alternatives to Casino; Brown Berets;
21 5/7/10 Chevron-Richmond Settle Tax Issues: Victory for Community
20 4/26/10 Court Rules Against Chevron; Chevron Gathers Signatures; Cinco de Mayo
19 4/19/10 Gayle's Campiagn; Misdirected Attacks
18 4/10/10 Kickoff Gayle's Campaign
17 4/5/10 Sewer Tax; Carbon Trading; Silly Parade
16 4/2/10 Chevron's New Dirty Trick; California Democracy Act
15 3/21/10 Immigration Reform March
14 3/14/10 Corporate Money in Politcs: Chief Magnus; International Women's Day , Appeal Measure T
13 3/2/10 Schools; Solar; March 4
12 2/16/10 Chevron's Threat to Leave
11 1/19/10 UUT Campaign Kickoff; Helathcare, Haiti
10 1/1//10 UUT Campaign; Next on Measure T, Inequality and social problems
9 12/12/09 Utility Users Tax: End Chevron's Perk
8 11/27/09 Fighting Violence Against Women, BAPAC and Chevron, How Chevron Gets Its Way
7 10/29/09

Measure T Battle in Courts, EPA Blockls BP

6 9/9/09 Climate Justice Campaign, Fair Taxes, Zeneca Site
5 8/3/09 Jobs and Clean Air: We Can Have Both
4 6/20/09 3 New Victories Against Chevron. Foreclosures, Testimony at Fed Board, Campaign Against Dirty Crude, Utility Users Tax, Climate Justice Demo at Chevron
3 5/3/09 Driver's License Check Points; Macehualli, Whitney Dobson, Cinco de Mayo Parade, Swine Flue,
2 4/10/09 Chevron's Role In Richmond, Learning from our Children, Labor Law Reform, Richmond Reality Ride
1 3/18/09 Measure T Status, Foreclosures in Richmond; Defending Neighborhood Schools