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North Shore, General Plan Delayed
Lawson, Bowens, Dotson, Hicks to Lead King Discussion 1/23
Occupy Wall Street West Friday
Chevron Refinery Workers Rally Friday
Have a Real Choice: Tax the Rich
RPA Meeting on Millionaires Tax 2/2
RPA Membership Campaign
Chevron Tax Appeal Next Steps
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No Decision At Council Meeting Causes Delay in General Plan 

Council Divided on North Shoreline Plan  


North ShorelineAt last Tuesday's Council meeting the portion of the General Plan dealing with the North Shoreline was debated strongly but respectfully. There were three proposals: one to zone the area for open space and recreation and two others for light industrial. In addition Rogers wanted specific protections under any of the proposals. The speakers from the floor provided a very good summary of all the views. Click here for streaming video. Go to 59:00.  Whitney Dotson arrived late and was allowed to speak.


Unfortunatley the discussion was fogged by bait-and-switch about jobs. On the one hand developers talked about how the three parcels under consideration taken together are the only place appropriate for a project of a company like CISCO or another LBNL campus. And think of all the jobs that would bring. But the only project presented with any substance was a Salvation Army project which would break up the area, would be tax exempt, would not provide services for Parchester, and could better be located East of the Parkway.


Mayor McLaughlin and Councilmember Beckles supported Open Space/Recreation. (For RPA arguments and cartoon click here.) Bates and Booze held firm for the maximum development, with support from Ritterman who first supported a less-development proposal but could not get support. Vice Mayor Rogers supported neither. Butt was recused because of a complaint from one of the property owners.


Because the Council could not agree on any of the three options, the General Plan goes back to the Planning Commission to add the "development standards" that Rogers put forward. It is likely that he will support the option favored by Bates, Booze, and Ritterman with those standards.


In the meantime this postpones the Council consideration of the General Plan. Because of the "conflict of interest" situation, the Council cannot consider the general plan as a whole until the "conflict of interest" section (North Shoreline) has been settled.


Monday 1/23  7pm   

Free Community Film showing and discussion    

Martin Luther King's Last Campaign  

                           and What It Means for Richmond   

ML King at Memphis



Community Panel:  

  • Amahra Hicks
  • Rev. Phil Lawson
  • Bobby Bowens
  • Whitney Dotson  
  • You

RPA Office  

1021 Macdonald

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Friday, January 20    All Day
Go to the website and find the activity at a time and type that's right for you.
Occupy Wall St West

Endorsed by a wide coalition of labor and community organizations.   


This will be an all day series of events.   

There will be planning sessions and action events leading up to it.   


Check the Occupy Wall  St. West  website for full details   


Initial participating groups: Occupy SF General Assembly and Action Council, Occupy SF State University, Occupy SF Housing Coalition (ACCE, Asian Law Caucus, Causa Justa: Just  Cause, Coalition on Homelessness, Eviction Defense Collaborative, Housing Rights Committee, Occupy SF, QUEEN, San Francisco Tenants  Union), Progressive Workers Alliance (includes: Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth, Chinese Progressive Association, Filipino Community Center, La Raza Centro Legal-Day Laborer Program and Women's Collective,  Mujeres Unidas y Activas, People Organized to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights, People Organized to Win Employment Rights, Pride at Work, Young Workers United), Jobs with Justice, SF Labor Council, California Nurses Association, Pride at Work/HAVOQ (Horizontal Alliance of Very Organized Queers), Rainforest Action Network, Code Pink, ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and Racism) Coalition, 28th Amendment Group, Move to Amend, SF Interfaith Allies of Occupy, SF 99% Coalition


Refinery Workers Bargain for Contract : Refinery Safety

USW Rally

We need your immediate help to make sure that we have the CHOICE to Tax the Rich on the ballot


Let's Make the Rich Pay Their Fair Share!


Public services are being decimated amidst budget cuts and the growing accumulation of wealth by the 1%.   We need your help to make the rich pay their fair share to support the public good!  The Courage Campaign, CA Calls, and the CA Federation of Teachers have partnered to get a Millionaire's Tax on the November ballot.  The Millionaire's Tax would raise $6 billion for public education, safety, and infrastructure by raising additional taxes on those making more than $1 million a year.  It will be the only purely progressive income tax initiative on the ballot in November.  


Governor Brown and other organizations have competing tax initiatives on the ballot.  Those all demand more in taxes from those already struggling to get by in an economy ravaged by the greed and recklessness of the 1%.  We strongly believe the 99% have suffered enough, and it's time for the richest Californians to pay a little more for the common good!


The Millionaire's Tax has widespread popular support in initial polling.  But so far it has not won the support of many large organizations and labor unions.  We need a large grassroots effort to build support and make the campaign to pass a Millionaire's Tax successful.  Corporate and financial interests are strongly opposed to this effort, and some labor unions have unfortunately decided to support Brown's proposal.  The Governor's proposal relies on a regressive sales tax increase, and sunsets in 2016, leaving us to face massive budget problems in a few years if the economy continues to falter.


The Millionaires Tax is expected to be granted an official title and summary within the next few weeks, and we need your help to make sure the public launch of this effort is as strong as possible!  We are asking for your help in dropping (or hoisting) banners in support of the Millionaire's Tax in as many cities as possible throughout the state when we publicly launch the initiative.  We are working to get some banners made for as many groups as possible, or you can make your own if you prefer.   It is essential that we show our current (and future) partners and supporters that communities across California are ready to make the rich pay!

 From Zev Kvitky

California Federation of Teachers


The RPA is preparing a banner drop for the launch of this campaign. We will start canvassing in February. Call the RPA office and let us know if you are available.


We will have a kick-off meeting February 3.  (See below) 


Click here for a comparison of the proposed ballot initiatives

Click here for more information  

Click here for recent ABC news coverage of the campaign 


Tax Forum Leaflet

RPA Organizes for Ambitious Campaign


The RPA has set ambitious goals for itself in the coming months. We want to play an important part in getting the Millionaires Tax on the ballot, in improving the health of our youth through reducing sugar drinks, and increasing recreation and healthy living possibilities. We want to increase voter registration in Richmond and continue to make Richmond a leader for progress for people with our activities around homelessness, climate justice, and One Richmond. We have been long been active working to get the 99% their pay their fair share.


We will also be asking our friends to formally join the RPA, pay dues, recruit others, and help give us the activist base and the resources to do battle with corporations that are willing to pour millions into their political campaigns in Richmond.   We will have regular monthly RPA meetings. The first part of the meeting will be brief-organizing our activities and hearing from our members. The main part of each meeting will be on a topic vital to Richmond. The February meeting is on the Millionaires' Tax (see above). The March meeting will be on the Sugar Drink issue.


We will start going door-to-door on a voter education campaign starting February 3 on Saturdays 10 am-1pm (Coffee and bagels at 9:30). Walking is good for you and talking to other residents is good for democracy and our main answer to the money that corporations are now allowed to pour into politics


We will be contacting you. But do not wait. Call the office and tell us what you think on the issues and what you are willing to do to pitch in to make Richmond a better place for us  and leader of other communities .


Chevron Tax Appeal 


Testimony in the Chevron tax property tax appeal that can bankrupt the city ended last week. It will probably take several months before we hear a decision. There is still work to be done on this. We will try to keep this issue alive and press Chevron to drop its appeal out of concern for its public relations image. Whenever Chevron tries a PR action about its concern for the community, we will try to counter with the truth.


Quote of the Week

    To deny a child food, safe housing, education, or health care is called "child abuse." To deny thousands of  children food, housing, education or health care is called "Chevron property tax appeal."


Send in your favorite quote.  It could be an old famous quote or something you see on a bumper sticker, or something you just thought about.

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