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Issue #221, 04-02-2017

In this issue:
Become a substitute teacher: Our schools need you!
Ceasefire Town Hall
Know Your Rights Immigration Session
Our Power Saturday with Rich City Rides!
Caravan Against Fear
Services not Cells Campaign Kickoff
Tax revolt: Demand Trump release his taxes!
Rise Up Richmond community forum

Become a substitute teacher
Our Schools Need You!

An urgent message from our friends at United Teachers of Richmond:

West Contra Costa school district is experiencing a severe substitute shortage. This is very detrimental to our students and their families. It is far too common that when a teacher is absent, there is no substitute to take their place. At the elementary level, this usually results in the classroom being split up and the students sent to other teachers’ rooms for the day, which is very disruptive. Not only do the students have a complete disruption of their normal routine, but they are packed into already overcrowded classrooms and often impede the lessons there.


This is why we need you to be a substitute! The district has raised the rate of pay from $117.00 to $135.00 a day. A day is approximately 6 hours long.


If you are credentialed you qualify to be a substitute.


If not, you may apply for an emergency permit. Requirements are as follows:

  • Present evidence of a bachelor degree or higher,
  • Pass the CBEST test,
  • Have a current T.B. test (last 12 months),
  • Pay $49 for fingerprint background check.
  • Pay $72 to the California Teaching Commission.


After receiving your emergency permit, you may start working and providing a valuable service to your community. For our part, the United Teachers of Richmond will do everything in our power to make your stay in our classrooms as comfortable as possible.    


For more information on how to apply as a substitute teacher, check out WCCUSD website.


-       Eric Swaback, United Teachers of Richmond

Tuesday, 4/4, 6pm
Ceasefire Town Hall Meeting

Ceasefire, a community organization dedicated to reducing violence in Richmond, invites all residents to a town hall meeting this Tuesday.

Realizing the Dream 50 years after MLK and Jim Crow:
The Success and Failures of Community Policing and Community Enrichment

Tuesday April 4, 2017


Nevin Community Center (598 Nevin Ave. Richmond)

Richmond’s Ceasefire program is currently managed by the Richmond Police Department. According to a Richmond Confidential article this past September, the program is slated for an expansion and plans to "create a new, separate project coordinator position for Ceasefire that will be staffed by a civilian. The position will be funded by a federal grant that was secured in June with the help of Assemblyman Tony Thurmond (D-Richmond), Tan said. It will likely be six to eight months before the position is active."

Tuesday, 4/6, 6pm
Know Your Rights Immigration Forum (Spanish)

On Tuesday, the City of Richmond, along with many community organizations, including the RPA, is hosting a Know Your Rights immigration forum at Civic Center.

Tuesday, April 6, 2017
6:00PM – 9:00PM
Richmond Memorial Auditorium
403 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, CA 94804

Speakers include representatives from the Richmond Police Department, who will be covering Richmond's Sanctuary City policy; members of the Mexican and Guatemalan consulates; as well as immigration attorneys, including Sharron SK Williams (RPA co-chair). The forum will be in Spanish -- please spread the word to those who may be interested!

In related news, the new RPA Immigration Action Team reports that it will continue partnering with organizations to host immigration clinics and workshops, including workshops in other languages. To that end they are seeking interpreters and translators. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Sharron at skwilliams@yurumeinlaw.com.

Saturday, 4/8
Our Power Saturday with Rich City Rides 

Rich City Rides invites one and all to join a full day of self-care, unity, and celebration with bikes, music, art and dancing!

This month’s Our Power Saturday starts off with an Opening Day for Trails Ride through the Richmond's city and regional trails, the ride ends when with a East Bay Center for Performing Arts Marching Band meet-up. Next, it continues to Oakland for a Transformative Visions Spoken Word Performances featuring Richmond’s own TJ Sykes. It concludes back in Richmond with Rhythm in the City Dance Party at the Bobby Bowens Progressive Center!

April 8th, 2017

Meet at: Rich City Rides, 1500 Macdonald Ave., Richmond, CA 94801

[Photo: courtesy of Rich City Rides]
Tuesday, 4/11, 11am
Caravan Against Fear

From our friends as Global Exchange:

Since Trump took power, millions have marched, blocked airports to defend immigrants and refugees, and gathered in public to speak – and shout – truth to power. But the job of fighting fascism is just getting started.


The Caravan Against Fear gives people a way to join and support a highly visible and direct action in defense of basic civil and human rights. 


The Caravan is sponsored by a coalition of labor, community, human rights, religious, civic, environmental, and other organizations in both the U.S. and Mexico.


We start in California, a state with leaders who’ve been clear about the need to defend the fabric, families, and workers of California’s communities. The Caravan will celebrate human rights defenders in the legislature and help them solidify state measures to protect immigrant students and residents.


The Caravan begins in Northern California on April 10 and will visit cities in the Bay Area and Central Valley before arriving in Los Angeles and Southern California in time to celebrate Easter with parishioners in local churches and in big public ceremony International Friendship Park –where the border wall between San Diego, CA and Tijuana, Mexico stretches out into the waves of the Pacific Ocean…


After Easter, the Caravan Against Fear will head east along the border – through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas – to the Gulf of Mexico. The Caravan will join with resistance struggles in big border cities like San Diego and El Paso; as well as those in small towns and indigenous communities. We will traverse the diversity and vast open spaces in what the ACLU has called the “Constitution Free Zone” along our 1954-mile border with Mexico.

Caravan Against Fear - Bay Area
11am - 1pm, Tuesday April 11th 
West County ICE Detention Center 
5555 Giant Hwy, Richmond, CA 94806

Saturday, 4/15, 11am
Services Not Cells Campaign Kickoff

Protest the expansion of the West County Detention Center!
Services Not Cells Campaign Kickoff
April 15, 11am - 12:30pm
Richmond Recreation Complex, 3230 Macdonald Ave


The CCC Board of Supervisors may have voted to expand the West County jail, but we still have an opportunity to resist this misguided decision through the budget process. Join us in taking a stand against using Contra Costa County general and reserve funds to expand the West County Detention Center. The funds raised by County taxpayers should be used for job trainings, infrastructure improvements, youth services, and healthcare expansion, not building a larger jail.

Contra Costa County Sheriff Livingston receives millions of dollars in funding each year because he coordinates with ICE. In today’s political climate, we must take a stand to protect our immigrant neighbors and refuse to continue the devastating cycle of mass incarceration.

The political revolution continues
Tax revolt: Demand Trump release his taxes!

Donald Trump still has not released his tax returns even though 74% of Americans think he should.  On April 15 thousands of people will assemble peacefully in Civic Center to demand that Donald Trump furnish the last ten years of his taxes.  

There will be a rally at Civic Center followed by a march down Market Street.  Stay tuned for more details about our program and march route. The schedule so far:

1:00 pm: Civic Center Plaza opens to the general public and organizations to gather

2:00 pm: Tax March Rally in front of City Hall. Special guests include David Cay Johnston and the Trump Chicken!  

3:00 pm: We'll march along Market Street toward Justin Herman Plaza


Tuesday, 4/11, 5:30 pm
Rise Up Richmond community forum

The Our Power Coalition is advancing a just transition in Richmond to a regenerative, non-extractive economy, democratically governed by frontline community leadership, and grounded in racial justice.

Come to learn about and shape what this just transition looks like! 

Join us for dinner and discussions on:

  • Becoming the owners of our food, housing, education, and healthcare systems
  • A Just Transition for Richmond
  • Creating a self-sustaining community
  • Meaningful work for a renewable energy future

We are the ones we have been waiting for! Our community has every right to lead Richmond’s movement for a sustainable future

This forum is brought to you by: APEN, Communities for a Better Environment, Rich City Rides, and Urban Tilth

For any questions, please contact Ratha Lai at 510-236-4616, ext 333

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